Why I've Stopped Freelancing

Saturday, 23 February 2019

I can almost see my Associates Degree at the end of the finishing line with just a few semesters left - in this turmoil of stress and suffocation from high workload of five college classes, there's a silver lining which is the graduation that my parents have hoped for. Along with an urgent desire to move to New York City, this is the time - the year - where I should get my act together and work harder than ever before. That's why I haven't been actively posting on my blog; and that's why I've decided to stop Freelancing.

As some of you probably already know, I've worked as a Freelance Writer: writing contributing articles on fashion, beauty, and culture for independent zines and media companies, particularly Adolescent with whom I've been working with for 2 years now. Working for them has helped me discover my passion for writing as well as start my freelance career. They've boosted my morale and encouraged me to explore my thoughts and ideas, developing my skills and knowledge about the industry - I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for them.

Freelancing (whether it's writing, graphic design, or illustration) requires consistence and commitment - two things I struggled with particularly since I'm a full-time college student. Multitasking with double high workloads were not easy and my desk would often be piled with homework, school projects, pitches, and drafts that I sometimes found challenging to finish before the deadline. It was difficult to focus on two things at the same time, especially since both are very demanding.

Despite the benefits and opportunities I've been getting from working with Adolescent, I feel that it's the time to depart from my freelance career and focus on finishing school. The lack of consistence in my freelance work didn't help financially and sort of held me back from my school work. As liberal as it is working from the comfort of my room - laying back on my bed with my laptop in front of me and a cup of tea whilst The Office plays in the background - I wanted to do more than just type away on my computer from my home. I wanted to make connections, learn more about my city, and explore some of my options and opportunities that are literally right outside my house.

And so, with relief and gratitude, I closed my editorial calendar and put away my brainstorming notebook. It's not a full-on retirement from freelancing, rather it's a furlough until I feel there's a need to return. 

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