Journaling Again!

After spending months in the dark from the colorful lights of creativity, I've finally received my boxes of all my other books and notebooks I wasn't able to fit in my suitcase when moving!! Before I moved, I had bought myself an embroidered sketchbook from purple material and embellished in sequins, and because of its beautiful cover I promised myself to make it into, not just my creative outlet, but a visionary book - like my personal artsy zine.

I've been using it to draw, paint, write my thoughts and some poetry and keep the quotes I love and inspire me and, perhaps in the foreseeable future, I'm also planning on writing a few short stories because I've been writing a lot of creative fiction lately. Of course, I haven't had this book in a long while and I don't always have the time to fill in the pages, but here are a few page I've completed so far!

If you also want to, you can check out some of the pieces I've written for - I've been working for them for several months, writing some lifestyle-related and social/political articles! 

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