'Beyond a sestina'

After being inspired by reading new books reinstating my motivation, I desired to learn and try something new for a change. Over the past week, I've been teaching myself to write sestina poems - a form of poetry consisting of six stanzas with six lines and a triplet - and experimenting with conveying different ideas through my words. I finally polished a new one about the notion of "time" which explores the ideal that contradicts the concept: immortality.


As the hand turns, the precious
chime of time murmurs 
with the wings of birds as they
fly around the cage only
opened by a key which would turn 
by someone with an unfathomable yearn,

And when they yearn
for something more precious
than the chime, the birds will likely turn
towards the right path where only
the valiant can hear the murmur
and cry of lonely musings by they,

the Gods, and their lonely lullabies for they,
like the trees, yearn
for something only
attained by those with the precious
gift of listening to the murmur
of silent birds as they cry; but when they turn

the key, they turn
the key to a future where they,
the birds, are free to dance and murmur 
silently around those with the yearn
for something more precious
than an imprisoning idea, which only

the courageous can conquer, where only
freedom is at their door for which they can turn
the key to and sacrifice their precious
memories of love, for they 
desire the thing they yearn
for, which is to hear birds flying and hear the bird's murmur,

and the sound of the bird's murmur
would be like the sound of freedom. We are only
humans with the longing yearn
for something beyond our ambitions but are too rigid to turn
to the path towards they,
the Gods, with the ideal that's unattainable and too precious.

For the silent cry and murmur
of the flying birds may only
be the fiction that we, humans, falsely yearn.

- n

I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think. I'll try writing more sestina poems and publishing them!

Also praying for those in Florida and hoping for one miracle for all the families, including myself's, that will protect us from Irma's rage!

nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

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