Memory Mirror: SUMMER TO-DOs

With summer here, I bet you're probably lying down on your bed with your laptop on your stomach, the edge just touching your chin and you're probably watching Youtube or Netflix as well as reading this ;D

Well, if you're procrastinating or bored here's a little something creative I've done this summer that you could try too. I call it the Memory Mirror!

It's a very simple activity really, all you need is anything from your memory box or photo album and just stick it on your mirror! It's actually cute, because when I'm getting ready doing my makeup or cleaning my face I'll see all these memories from when I was in England.

All you need is: 
+ photographs/polaroid pictures
+ drawings or any art you've created
+ train tickets/tickets from movies or exhibitions, etc.
+ stamps
+ postcards
+ and don't forget some sticky tack

And then design your memory wall however you want! Easy. 

For mine, I decorated it in a way so I could see my face in the right lighting because the desk is beside my window. To make it so it looks more unique to me, I've added a little potted orchid (I believe) in the corner. Perhaps for yours, if you have a big mirror you could somehow create another picture within the collage, create a pattern or do a border of tickets and photos around your mirror! 

Whatever it is, ensure it's unique and special to you <3 div="" nbsp="">

I hope I've given you guys something to do this summer and added this to your bucket list! Have a great week and enjoy your holiday off whilst it lasts.

nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


Thank you all for your lovely comments :) I will get back to most of you as soon as possible, so make sure you're checking back x


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