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As I said in my previous post, I'm working on a zine (Knives & Daisies) that combines traditional art and the concept of philosophy to create something aesthetic and full of creativeness! For its content, I'm currently working on paintings and photographic pieces and experimenting with new mediums, including embroidery...

I've combined both the art of embroidery and the traditional medium of painting (acrylic for those wondering) together to form a unique piece, inspired by the works of Maurizio Anzeri and Nicole Chui (thatsewnicole is her Instagram)! For the embroidery, I've done a backstitch in red around the portrait, along with yellow split stitches around the outside and green French knots. I also did random grey stitches inside the shape across her (Cindy Kimberly, although it looks nothing like her but meh) and finished it off by tying random leftover strings in the center and letting it hang.

I'm not done with them as I'm planning to do more, but if you do want to see more then go grab a copy after its release, which would be around June time (hopefully!!!).

Also, if you want to submit your work on the website or join the team then you are more than welcome to visit the website for more information -!

I'll be updating this post ongoing, uploading more pics and scans of my experimentations that I'm still working on, so stay tuned :D

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

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