I'm sooooooooo excited to announce that over the past couple weeks I've been busy planning my new zine, Knives & Daisies!!!!! I think I've mentioned on my other post that this is one of the things on my bucket list before I move to the States, and I'm super excited to actually start creating it after weeks of gathering the ideas and making the plan!

Above is a scan of the front cover of the print version, and I'm slowly making my way to creating the art and photography content as well as some of the written pieces. I've made this a seasonal zine in which I'll be releasing a new issue with a new theme every 4 months, so for those wishing to contribute you have plenty of time to come up with something amazing!

Each issue will be based around a chosen philosophical theme, where the content will center around it. I chose philosophy because it's a topic I've always been fascinated with and I wanted to show the meaning of a complex concept through the use of art and photography. When you read books or magazines about philosophy, you know that a majority of them always consists of essays, looong articles, theories, the history of philosophers and so forth, so I thought the idea of combining something ambiguous and aesthetically pleasing with something that can be difficult to get your head round to would bring light to it amongst young people and, in a way, make it simple and easier to understand.

Not only am I creating a print, but I've also created a website! The print would be a more exclusive version of the zine, including artworks of mine as well as regular contributors (I'm still planning on how I'll be distributing it, but the first issue will hopefully be printed on the first day of summer!) and the website would be a platform for anyone to share their ideas or their interpretations of the themes.

Submissions are now open for the website! Go visit it here for more information and submission requirements!!

I am also looking to expand my team! So, if you are interested in becoming an editor and managing the website, a regular writer, photographer or artist then please contact here and we'll get in touch!!

Thank you all, and love you always :D

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


  1. Ahh I love this whole idea! I would definitely love to contribute to this-- I'm going to go check out your site now :)

    1. OMG, thank you so much Vivian!! I'm so glad you're interested in partaking :D

      x Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


Thank you all for your lovely comments :) I will get back to most of you as soon as possible, so make sure you are checking back x