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Saturday, 30 July 2016

I always contemplate my life and I wonder about my future, thinking about where I'm going and planning how to get there. Some of you are perhaps thinking it's too early since I'm only 16 and I only have a few years left of my teenage years which I could make the most out of by going out and doing what other teens do these days.

But as a highly ambitious individual, I want to be more elaborate with my plans to get myself to where I want to in the future. And as an introvert with a creative mind, I'd rather follow my own path than follow the crowd ;)

Several months ago, I applied to an all girls school to study Fashion, Business and Media for A-levels next year because I just finished my GCSEs. As a shy person (particularly in new environments), of course I'm scared. Scared of not being able to make new friends. Scared of being lost in the huge facility of the school and not knowing where to go. Scared of being hurt. 

Ever since I moved here in the UK, I've stayed in the same class with the same people in the same school so I've never really experienced being the 'new girl'. I mean, I have joined several after school clubs like ballet and performing arts and such but I was always never alone. This time, I am.

I kind of forced myself to have this 'new beginning' - enrolling into a new school and making new friends to have a fresh start - so I can implement my socials skills; I didn't want to stay this awkward shut-in perceived as the weird quiet girl. Because I desire to enter the fashion industry, I would need to blossom in a social and reputable sense to be successful. And to do this, I would need to turn over a new leaf and start afresh.

I want to face my social fears with a 'can-do' attitude, my chin up, my back straightened and a smile on my face in preparation for the bigger world.

If you are like me, having a 'new beginning' then I'd like to say good luck. You probably have already faced 'new beginning' situations and have gone through it so I know you can make it through this time.

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

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  1. Good Luck! I'm wishing you all the best, this is such an inspiring post and I definitely relate to your points as I'm a little shy myself! xo

    1. Good luck to you too! And thank you, I'm glad you like it :D

      x Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

  2. I don't remember what is was like being shy because I got used to talking to new people as I've moved around quite a lot. But the most important thing I'd say is to follow the right crowd!😂 Because every time I move schools, I always follow the wrong crowd and end up being uncomfortable. Anyway, good luck!!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I think it's kind of difficult to follow the right crowd because no one can read minds so you don't know what others think of you😂 But thank you so much, Leila :D

      x Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ


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